Everdell - Big Ol Box of Storage

Everdell - Big Ol Box of Storage
Everdell - Big Ol Box of Storage
Everdell - Big Ol Box of Storage
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This upgrade pack allows owners of the Everdell base game and expansions to get the upgraded components from the Everdell Complete Collection without needing to buy anything they already have.

The Big Ol' Box of Storage safely stores Everdell Collectors Edition, Sprirecrest, Bellfaire, Pearlbrook, Newleaf, Mistwood, the Deluxe Storage Vessels, the Wooden Ever Tree, and the Click Clacks Upgrade Pack.

ATTENTION: This is a Storage box the base game and the expansion are not included.

All the contents of the Click Clacks Upgrade Pack are included with this Big Ol' Box of Storage:

  • 1 Comprehensive Everdell Storage Box
  • 1 The same box insert as the Complete Collection
  • 17 Card Dividers
  • 5 Corrin Evertail Alternate Art cards
  • 1 Comprehensive Master Rulebook (a/k/a "The Gilded Book")
  • 1 Comprehensive Master Card Reference Booklet (a/k/a "The Archive")
  • 1 Comprehensive Scorepad
  • 10 Wooden Occupied Tokens
  • 18 Wooden Gold Occupied Tokens
  • 20 Six-Point Shiny Metal Tokens
  • 300+ Critter Meeple Stickers
  • 5 Tapestry Art Signature Cards
  • 8 Plastic Saddles
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