Cooking Rumble - EN

Cooking Rumble - EN

Cooking Rumble is a quick and portable 3-player game where each player assumes the role of a Chef in the final of a culinary competition trying to earn the title of "Master Chef".

To win, you have to finish enough gourmet dishes and desserts to score 6 points, but be quick! Our judge never tries the same dish twice. Each turn, the current player plays a recipe's ingredient face-down, and the opposing player tries to guess what was played.

If the ingredient is not guessed correctly, then the player can place that ingredient in any of his recipes, otherwise, the opposing player can add any ingredient to the recipe of his choice.

First player to score 6 points by completing recipes, wins. Cooking rumble mixes risk-taking with bluffing and opponent-reading.

The game is very simple, yet, it offers enough depth to keep each match different, and since the matches are so short, every single decision matters.

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