Black Rack Corner Paint Rack Top Farbregal (Dropper)

Black Rack Corner Paint Rack Top Farbregal (Dropper)


  • 1x Kit BR: Corner paint racks Top (Dropper) 32,5 x 32,5 x 16 cm


  • The Black Rack System from Kraken Wargames is the professional answer to your individual needs.
  • Thanks to the innovative plug-in system, which does not require any glue, screws or nails and the modular design, the Black Rack can be easily adapted to your needs and always easy to expand.
  • In addition, the plug-in system ensures Stability under the modules. The black finish gives the timeless and elegant design the finishing touch so that the Black Rack is not only useful but also decorative.
  • The black racks are supplied as a plug-in system and still need to be assembled.
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