A Song Of Ice And Fire - Bolton Cutthroats - EN

A Song Of Ice And Fire - Bolton Cutthroats - EN

On a battlefield where the fighting is done up
close and personal, a reputation for vicious
brutality can be just as effective a weapon as any
blade or bow.

The Bolton Cutthroats have simple
armor and only a spiked mace at hand, but they
are coldly efficient at cutting down enemies with
much more elaborate armaments.

The A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures
Game Bolton Cutthroats unit box contains 12
different Bolton Cutthroat miniatures in four
different sculpts, one Dreadfort Captain Unit
Attachment, a Movement Tray, and all of the
associated Unit cards.

The Cutthroats specialize
in driving fear into their opponents, and with the
Vicious Trait, they’ll be able to force their
enemies to fail Panic Tests on a regular basis. It’s
one thing to read about war in books, it’s quite
another when you’re standing across the field
from men who kill for sport!

12 Bolton Cutthroats Miniatures
1 Dreadfort Captain Miniature 1 Unit Card
1 Attachment Card 1 Movement Tray

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