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  • A canny commander always makes sure that the odds are in their favour! These superbly crafted command dice will ensure that you are always taking the best opportunities for victory. Contents: 6x black command dice

  • The best sci-fi skirmish game is about to get better. Third Edition takes everything you love about Deadzone and turns it up to an exploding 8. Contents: 1x Core rule book (softback) 1x Force lists book (softback) 1x Counter sheet

  • The Enforcers’ strike protocol relies on rapid insertion into to a combat zone in order to achieve a key objective, before withdrawing with equal speed. To this end, heavily armed jetbikes will clear the way ahead of a team of ...

  • Claw packs are largely autonomous within the Veer-Myn hierarchy, free to take the fight to the enemy however their pack leader sees fit. This could be ambushing isolated enemy forces, or infiltrating communications hubs to sabotage ...

  • The pre-fabricated buildings that make up many human colonies and settlements are hard-wearing and built to last. They remain standing even when their occupants have fled or died as the result of being put under a Deadzone.

  • The insurgence protocol is intended for swift, surgical strikes far behind enemy lines. Pathfinders will highlight desirable targets for elimination followed by heavily armed and armoured Peacekeepers who move in for the kill. 

  • Heavy weapons are useless if they cannot be brought to bear on targets, or so the ancient axiom goes. For this reason, emplaced heavy weapon teams are commonly accompanied by elite rangers who highlight priority targets and suggest ...

  • The Asterians venerate the pursuit of universal balance above all else, their very society based around this concept.

  • This durable non-slip gaming mat includes a brand new detailed design for you gaming table and can be lined up with other mats for larger battles. Contents: Original updated Deadzone design 60×60 neoprene mat

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